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                     BEYOND THE STARS
BEYOND THE STARS (Gluck 2012) $95.00 DF
Hebrew MaidenX Jelly MakerXSpiny Sea Urchin
Pink polychrome self with bold yellow ragged toothy edge
6"flower 26"scape, rebloomer (last bloom Sept.21 Fertile both ways. 3 way branching 10buds(waiting list)
                      BEYOND THE STARS
                          SEAGULLS IN FLIGHT
                         ZIEGFELD GIRL
                          ZIEGFELD GIRL
                                CLEO CATRA
                         AFRICAN SAFARI
                           AFRICAN SAFARI
                        BEACH SAND
                           ASIAN PRINCESS
                           ASIAN PRINCESS
                            INDIAN LEGEND 
                           INDIAN LEGEND

 SEAGULLS IN FLIGHT (Gluck 2014)  $10.00 DF
 Regal Wedding X Precious Candy
 Light peach self, with bright violet winged patterned eye    on petal and sepals, violet edge.
6.5" flower, 24" scape
 Fertile both ways

ZIEGFELD GIRL (Gluck 2014) $15.00 DF
Baracuda Bay X Alexa Kathryn
Burgundy self with show stopping flash of gold coming from gold throat.  Dark burgundy and gold edge.
5.5" flower, 27" scape
Fertile both ways

CLEO CATRA (Gluck 2014)  $8.00 DF
Precious Candy X Julie Newmar
Light lavender self, large purple eyed design on petals and sepals.  Edged in matching purple.
6.5" flower, 27" scape
Fertile both ways.

AFRICAN SAFARI (Gluck 2014)$8.00 DF
Baracuda Bay X Fashion Police
Salmon self with dark burgundy eye.  Burgundy and gold ruffled edge.  Great branching and bud count.  Rebloomer
6.5" flower, 30" scape
Fertile both ways.

BEACH SAND (Gluck 2014)  $7.00 DF
Elizabeth Ann Gluck X Sherry Candy
Light gold sandy self, with sculpturing. Bronze eye.
6" flower 29 scape

ASIAN PRINCESS (Gluck 2014)  $15.00 DF
Circle of Friends X Carol Todd
Cream self with pink watermark. Gold and pink ruffled edge. 
5.5" flower, 25" scape
Fertile both ways.

INDIAN LEGEND (Gluck 2014)  $7.00 DF
Mask of Time X Primal Scream
Golden red self, large darker red eye extending across, midribs.  Distinctive yellow throat.
7" flower, 21" scape
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