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                        POLYNESIAN ORCHID
POLYNESIAN ORCHID (Gluck 2013)  $80.00 DF
7"flower/41" scape, dip, dor, (Fluttering Beauty x Double Bronze Beauty)  You will not miss this one in the garden.  Double and single blooms stand out.  Doubles 75% of the time.  Tropical shades of pink gives an orchid effect in the garden.  Ruffled edge.  LIMITED
A FACE IN THE CROWD (Gluck 2013) $20.00 DF
7" flower/ 24" scape, EV, EM (Bali Watercolor X Catcher In The Eye) Very early bloomer. Stands out among all the other flowers' hence the name, A Face In The Crowd.  Deep rich purple with a bright yellow patterned eye.
                A FACE IN THE CROWD
BOND'S BOW TIE (Gluck 2013) $15.00 DF
6" Flower/ 27" scape, tet, dor, ML (Special Candy X seedling)  Great branching. Dark edge with matching dark bow tie shaped eye.  Flashing yellow light coming from the throat.
PSYCHO FRENZY(Gluck 2013) $20.00DF
7inch flower/33"scape,dip, dor, ML (Double Bronze Beauty X Fluttering Beauty)  Doubles close to 100% of the time.  Brick red with yellow throat and matching yellow midribs.
                               PSYCHO FRENZY
                              PSYCHO FRENZY
BEAUTY FROM THE HEART (Gluck 2013) $7.00 DF
5.5" flower/ 26" scape, tet, SEV, ML (Circle of Friends X Clothed In Glory).  A beautiful pink bitone with violet patterned eye,  burgundy halo and double edge above a green to yellow throat.  Great branching. 
                        BEAUTY FROM THE HEART


CRITTERS (Gluck 2013) $7.00  DF
7" flower/ 24" scape, tet, EV, ML (Prince of Midnight X Primal Scream) This flower is consistent, unusual form with crispate sepals.  Red with huge yellow throat and lighter halo.  Will stand out in any garden.
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